Eliz Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon


In addition to offering an unforgettable holiday experience with 5-Star hotel comfort, we offer our guests a new start to a life full of health with our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

Examination Procedure with Our Expert Staff

After the disease is diagnosed, an appropriate physical therapy program is planned according to the patient's condition. Physical therapy is performed under the supervision of a specialist physician. This treatment program may include medication, the application of physical therapy techniques and one or more therapeutic exercises.

Treatment Process

The aim of physical therapy is to reduce or eliminate the patient's pain, increase functional capacity, regain activities of daily living, and improve the functioning of organs.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy stands out because it improves regional pain and restores mobility to the patient. Determining the appropriate exercises for the patient and applying them under expert control is used in the treatment of many problems. In addition, a special exercise program is prepared for the patient to apply at home on his/her own, and in this way, it is aimed to heal the damages as soon as possible. Muscle and joint disorders, loss of strength, pain, numbness and problems that do not improve with medication or surgery can be eliminated with physiotherapy.


The characteristics of Kızılcahamam thermal waters are suitable for a wide range of supportive treatment. The water temperature between 37 degrees Celsius and 47 degrees Celsius is used for bath cures, thermal pools and drinking treatments. Since natural methods are used to lower the temperature of the water, there is no loss of value. Kızılcahamam thermal water, whose temperature is naturally changed, provides more successful results in treatments with this feature. Kızılcahamam thermal waters are generally colorless and odorless. The fact that thermal water is sediment-free also makes it easy to use. Many different treatments can be easily applied with Kızılcahamam thermal waters, which have the feature of being less gaseous. Total mineralization of thermal water was measured as 2374,88- 2859,62 mg/lt. Thermal water contains fluoride, sodium bicarbonate and thermomineral. It is known that the pH value of Kızılcahamam thermal water, which has a pH value of 7.03, changes regionally. Expert advice must be taken into consideration in treatments applied by paying attention to this change. Having a conductivity of 2571 millival, the temperature of Kızılcahamam thermal waters may vary according to the source, just like the pH value.


  • Joint diseases due to calcification (osteoarthrosis)
  • Soft tissue rheumatism (Fibromyalgia syndrome, other muscle pains)
  • Neck, back, lower back pain
  • Neck and lumbar hernia pain
  • Sciatalgia
  • Used 3 - 4 weeks after sports injuries
  • Stress disorder
  • Neurovegetative Dystonia (Pain and contraction in muscles due to stress disorder)
  • Numbness due to pinched nerves in the body

Our Featured Treatments


Ozone Therapy, which provides successful results in the treatment of Diabetes Hypertension and Chronic Hepatitis today.


Hydrotherapy (water therapy) is a method of treating diseases and functional losses by utilizing the physical properties of water.


Acupuncture is a form of treatment that involves the insertion of very fine needles at specific points on a person’s body, at a wide range of depths.

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